Monday, December 1, 2008


Mongolian looking for information on How to Immigrate to Canada?
  1. Here I have created my personal Step-by-step guide on How to Immigrate to Canada Successfully under Skilled worker Category.
  2. If you filing your Skilled worker application from US then you can also see my Step-by -Step Guide for Skilled worker from US.
Mongolian looking to immigrate to US

Every year around Nov and Dec US immigration invite people from all around the world to participate for their chance to win a permit to live in US-aka know Green Card.

This program is free to all and done by computer to select 50,000 people around the world. The result comes around May next year.

You can try it if you have luck. I know people from Mongolia won last time and it is possible you could be the lucky one!!!

  1. Here is the complete list of rule and regulation for their DV 2010 Lotto.
Mongolian wanted to study in Canada

If you are Mongolian and wishing to study in Canada, here is some information on this area.
  1. Check out the school and Universities in Ontario, Canada.
  2. My The five best advise for an international student from Mongolia
  3. You can check out information on ESL school and why it is best for you to start your application from there.
  4. Check out all GTA Universities and Colleges website at Most Popular Schools in Ontario.
  5. If you have no experience or have never heard of anything about Canada you can visit my Canada History section. This will give you some idea about Canada and will help you to choose where you want to go and what school you want to attend eventually.
If you had any experience with Immigration Canada, US, Korea or EU countries I would love to hear from you.

Mongolian wanted to work in Canada
There are several ways you can come to Canada and work. Many people come here under temporary worker visa permit and live-in-care-giver program.

These people tend to have some sort of sponsorship from Canadian companies. If you can get either of these permits then after two years of working in that company you can apply for your residency.

For more information on that you can read my:
  1. Working in Canada under live-in-care giver program guide
  2. Working in Canada under temporary worker visa program.
Although these are very good programs and good opportunity for you if you have high school education, proper English and some vocational certifications. (in cases carpenters they might not need too much of English)

Just be aware of any scams!!! There are many consultants out there that could be real or not real. I personally have no experience in this area but the list of agency are here for your ref. But if you ever use any of their services, please let me know how it went.